Straight from the heartland and prairies of the U.S.A., the "Lost Cowgirl Review" is a four piece band of acclaimed singer songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. All leaders in their own bands, Julie, Joy, Jenna, and Kristin joined forces and voices for a special tour of Germany, the Netherlands and France. 

Julie Bennett Hume is the brain child of the Lost Cowgirl Revue. Julie played her first shows in Germany in 2016 while she was still teaching German. She has been dreaming of going back and touring and offered to lead a group of Lost Cowgirls through Europe. Julie's first album "Late Bloomer" was nothing short of inspiring to women of all ages and was featured on NPR radio. She will soon be releasing her second album under the Lost Cowgirl Records label titled "Road to Jericho"! Her powerful, unique sounding voice allows her to sing all types of music and she has performed in everything from cajun and string bands to a blues trio and an afro-cuban ensemble. She also hosts a local radio show called "River City Chautauqua" and features songwriters, artists, and deep thinkers of all kinds. She is currently on a development team creating a new radio station. Julie an be seen most often playing guitar, bass, and banjo.

Jenna Rae is the founder of Lost Cowgirl Records and released her debut album "Workin' Woman" with the label in 2018. Jenna's giant, endearing voice fits somewhere between country and bluegrass music and has been compared to Kitty Wells and Tammy Wynette. She is most often seen playing guitar, banjo, saxophone, and drums. She has toured with her musical partner, Martin Farrell Jr. as "Jenna & Martin" through 13 states over the past two years sharing their Cosmic Western music but this will be her first time sharing her music outside of the U.S.A. Her album was recorded and produced out of their home studio and they are currently working on a full length album of songs they have written together. She has also started a new band of four, hard-driving, bluegrass women called "Unfit Wives" that are playing songs off of "Workin' Woman" in a bluegrass style. Jenna & Martin are currently working on recording a full length album of songs they have written together.

Kristin Hamilton didn't start playing music until she was 35. She only knew a few chords on guitar when she agreed to play a couple songs at her church. The show was such a success that a local bar asked her to come play again. After having two kids, Kristin never expected to find herself playing music but soon after her debut, she found herself forming a band called "Under the Big Oak Tree" with some of the best musicians around: Simon Fink, Doug Ward, and Jason Riley. The band has released three full length albums together which have been listed as Kansas City area favorites, including a 2018 release titled "The Ark". Kristin just recently began writing her own songs and one of the first tunes she ever wrote "Daytime Moon" (The Ark) has earned repeated spins on local NPR radio stations in Kansas and Missouri. Kristin's genuine kindness and uplifting spirit shines through her music and her rock n roll, gospel voice wows audiences every time she performs. She also has started a family band with her son and daughter called "Blue House Family Band". Kristin can be seen on guitar, washboard, and spoons.

Joy Zimmerman is a soulful singer-songwriter known for compelling vocals, award-winning songs, and captivating performances. Joy is currently working on “To the Girl”, her sixth album of original music. Joy is a multi-instrumentalist whose eclectic music might be best described as folk rock with extra helpings of favorite genres. Her songwriting awards include an American Songwriter Lyric Contest Honorable Mention and eight Walnut Valley Festival NewSong Showcase wins. She performs solo, in a duo with Jimmy Dykes, and with a full band. Joy is an engaging presenter who weaves music with themes of resilience, gratitude, and creativity. Joy can be seen on guitar and fiddle. 

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