Three featured artists sit on stools and play their original songs in a round, telling stories about their inspiration behind the song. Conversation between the artists and their uniqueness makes for an entertaining show while connecting three songwriters. 


Contact lostcowgirlrecords@gmail.com to set one up in your hometown or participate!


Thursday, November 7

Kansas City, Missouri

Repeal 18th Street

Teri Quinn

Mikal Shapiro

Sally Vee (of Sally and the Hurts)


May 1, 2019

Kansas City, Missouri


Nicki White

Terri Laddusaw (of Sissy & Earl)

Lily B Moonflower

May 28, 2019

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Grace Askew

Lara Manzaranes

Jenna Rae

June 5, 2019

Kansas City, Missouri

Julie Bennett Hume

Kristin Hamilton (of Under the Big Oak Tree)

Betsey Mae Graves

July 3, 2019

Kansas City, Missouri

Ana Marcela Maldonado Morales

Damarius Kunkler

Jillian Riscoe

August 7, 2019

Kansas City, Missouri

Elexa Dawson

Leslie Giggler

Erin Eades

Lovegrass Music Festival

August 10, 2019

Wilson Lake State Park

Lily B Moonflower

Elexa Dawson

Mikal Shapiro

September 6, 2019

Kansas City, MO

Megan Luttrell

Makayla Scott (of Blue False Indigo)

Beth Nelson (of Kanza Swamp Band)

October 3, 2019

Kansas City, MO

Miki P

Sharon Hazel

Nicole Springer

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