Deliberate Kin - "Things Happen"

The husband/wife duo Deliberate Kin’s debut album is a refreshing folky bluegrass album that tells stories of the ups and downs of life. Their powerful hooks combined with their beautifully blended bluegrass voices and dramatic storytelling had me almost picturing the album as a soundtrack to a Disney movie. But it’s not the kind of Disney story we’re used to seeing, it’s a real story of love that incorporates struggles, unexpected happenings, forgiveness, unity, and commitment. Some of the dark lyrics caught me by surprise but just as the title says, “Things Happen”; life is not always beautiful and I love how the album feels genuine. Even the darker sounding songs are accompanied by such great rhythmic banjo and tribal percussion that you won’t be able to keep from dancing around, perhaps even grabbing for a hula-hoop. My personal favorite is “When the Robins Come” that really showcases Amanda Jo’s uniquely bright, soulful, authoritative voice, a vocal quality that could be recognized through any stereo system. The song starts as a ballad but partway through the tribal drumbeat comes in and drives you to dance. Another one of my favorites is the sweet love song "Matched Set" that must be the story of how the duo met. The album closes with a call to action saying “There is power in our unity flood the world with love”. I have no doubt this album is only the start of a long-standing music career for this band.

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